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Tsuwano is a small town whichcan befound in west side of Shimane prefecture
There are about 8,000 population.
Tsuwano used to be called ‘Shou Kyoto’ which means Little Kyoto and many people have visited Tsuwano.
Our tea plantation is placed at the foot of Aono mountain which is located at a short distance from the Tsuwano.

Tsuwano valley is made from the volcanic activity therefore the soil has good drainage and there is a difference in temperature between night and day.
Because of this suitable environment the tea plant kept growing naturally from the long time ago on this place.

‘Sencha’ has a characteristic to variate the taste when combine with ground water from Aono mountain.
Making tea with high temperature water from bitter taste instead making tea with low temperature water makes it sweeter.
Bitter tea suits very well to enjoy Japanese sweets.

Like wines each GreenTea has unique scent depends on where it’s made.
The taste and the scent of Green Tea change every year and because of that we can enjoy the deference every year.
Drinking green tea is not just for tasting it but also to take high nutritional value into our body.







Introducing my first trip in Japan.

That was my first time in Japan. I think is a magic country, and I thought it from when I saw the Japan islands from the plane. I had the great opportunity of stay one month near Tsuwano, guest of Shusuien, making great experiences and meeting a lot of nice and interesting people. I think that Tsuwano is a wonderful place, rich of good tradition and humanity. With Shusuien I could learn much more about my passion, the tea, seeing and touching with my hands all the extraordinary process that transform the living leafs into sencha. I will remember those experience for all of my life.

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